Monday, July 23, 2012

08th MS Team Desert Scheme Team

So I decided that I liked the Desert Scheme for the RX-79(G) I did for the group build on Gundam Eclipse and decided a whole team would look great. So here is the finished Project:

I've already gone over the beam rifle RX-79(G) in a previous blog post and wont be going over it again. If you do want to see it though feel free to click here. Here is the Rocket Launcher RX-79(G). I decided that I wanted to use some weapons that I have not used before. This is the first time I have ever built the Rocket Launcher which can be found in the RGM-79(G) kit. I really enjoyed this. I may add effects for it shooting the rockets eventually but I do not know how to create the effect smoke.

Here is the 180 MM Cannon RX-79(G). This one is Equipped with the Long Range Cannon used in the 08th MS team OVA. Very fun cannon to build. I have always loved the look of it and am happy to have been able to include that in this team build.
Any comments and critiques are very welcome!

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