Tuesday, January 13, 2015

RX-79(G) Cold District/Expedition Part 10

Decal work has begun on the RX-79(G) and the Hover truck. I am really enjoying how these are looking on the kit. Being able to print off my own decals has been great. And they just look so good!

RX-79(G) Cold District/Expedition Part 9

So before I get working on decals I decided to take some pictures of the RX-79(G) and the Hovertruck together. The paint on this Hover truck brought out so much detail. Sorry for the messy work area but I am just so excited with how this turned out! So I have some pictures of the both of them together. This looks so amazing though and I am really really loving this kit. I am really glad that it comes with two of the hover trucks. I am not sure what I will do with the second one at the moment, but again look at the detail and just let that Jaw drop. Come on Bandai, make some of these so I don't feel guilty buying knock offs.

RX-79(G) Cold District/Expedition Hovertruck Introduction

So this goes along with my Arctic RX-79(G) that I am currently working on. All it needs is some decals, weathering and then a top coat and it is done. But I wanted to be able to add just a tad be more to it and maybe even a small diorama. SG recently came out with a set of 1/100 Type 74 Hover Trucks. So I'm going to be using one of them and giving it a similar paint treatment to the RX-79. This definitely looks fantastic in person. I wish that Bandai would realize how much things like this would be wanted for the Master Grade line. I would LOVE some of the Type 61 Tanks... That would just make my day. I would buy so many of those!

RX-79(G) Cold District/Expedition Part 8

I'm really trying to up my shading with this kit... although the white and the way i'm doing this kit really brings every little flaw out in the paint.. SO i'll need to go back and repaint parts of the kits but oh well. This paint job is looking great. I've gone ahead and assembled the kit to see how it looks all put together and I am really pleased with the results of the kit! So without further ado, Here are some current pictures of the project!! I am also going to be formatting images a bit differently from now on as well!

RX-79(G) Cold District/Expedition Part Decals!

So while waiting for the paint to dry I decided to come up with some decals for the project. This is a cold district type suit and I wanted some decals that wouldn't be to dark, to bold and would make the kit stand out to much. So what I have decided to do is create a whole new set of decals and emblems for the set. This turned out to be a lot of fun and I really enjoyed making this set of decals. Its so nice to be able to do so. It definitely makes these kits that much more unique and mine. For those of you that would like to use them feel free to do so! Just give me some credit!

RX-79(G) Cold District/Expedition Part 7

Here is the latest update... Some somewhat subtle shading... I plan on changing this from camo to more of just a cold district paint job. But here is the shield. I am probably going to do one more layer of the light grey. This is the first time I am really attempting at a more subtle shading. I have really become known for my more exaggerated form of shading that I have done in the past. So hopefully this ends up turning out the way that I plan.

RX-79(G) Cold District/Expedition Part 6

I will be making a little claw that will be going around the barrel, between the gun and suppressor. As well as there will be a little holster at the bottom to help support the weight of the guns. but oh me gatos... I've done more work! Again... Sorry for the crappy pictures due to my camera being broken, the i'm having to use alternative means to get images for this project.