Tuesday, January 13, 2015

RX-79(G) Cold District/Expedition Part 6

I will be making a little claw that will be going around the barrel, between the gun and suppressor. As well as there will be a little holster at the bottom to help support the weight of the guns. but oh me gatos... I've done more work! Again... Sorry for the crappy pictures due to my camera being broken, the i'm having to use alternative means to get images for this project.
This Backpack gimick for the RX-79(G) is a lot of fun. I feel it adds more of a support role to the Ground Gundam which is what I wanted this suit to accomplish. Since the suit will mostly be used for Expeditions in the Arctic with some other suits, it is going to be the only one of the team to have a backpack and a way of carrying around extra weapons and potential living quarters if needed due to bad weather.

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