Tuesday, January 13, 2015

RX-79(G) Cold District/Expedition Hovertruck Introduction

So this goes along with my Arctic RX-79(G) that I am currently working on. All it needs is some decals, weathering and then a top coat and it is done. But I wanted to be able to add just a tad be more to it and maybe even a small diorama. SG recently came out with a set of 1/100 Type 74 Hover Trucks. So I'm going to be using one of them and giving it a similar paint treatment to the RX-79. This definitely looks fantastic in person. I wish that Bandai would realize how much things like this would be wanted for the Master Grade line. I would LOVE some of the Type 61 Tanks... That would just make my day. I would buy so many of those!

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