Tuesday, January 13, 2015

RX-79(G) Cold District/Expedition Part 7

Here is the latest update... Some somewhat subtle shading... I plan on changing this from camo to more of just a cold district paint job. But here is the shield. I am probably going to do one more layer of the light grey. This is the first time I am really attempting at a more subtle shading. I have really become known for my more exaggerated form of shading that I have done in the past. So hopefully this ends up turning out the way that I plan.

Here I have the rest of the kit painted up. The white has turned out to look really fantastic in my opinion. I feel this has been my best attempt at airbrushing to date! The shading for the kit is actually turning out to look much better than I anticipated!

Any comments and critiques on how this turned out would always be appreciated as this is always a learning experience!

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