Thursday, August 16, 2012

A few Gunpla bits and pieces for sale

I've got a few bits and pieces up for sale Here is a list of what I have

1/144 GM heads $5 Shipped SOLD!!!

I also have some spare armor parts

MG Gouf 2.0
MG RX-78Nt-1
RX-78-2 OYW SOLD!!!
GM-79c SOLD!!!

Also up for sale are some are some MG unbuilt kits. Prices include shipping
Red Frame $75
Zaku II shin matsunaga + Metal pipes in place of the plastic ones $60
gyan (shield is semibuilt) + $40
Aile Strike (shield built) $50
Gundam MK.II Titans colors (a few parts removed from sprue not 2.0) $25
RB-79 $30
MG Rezel Command type $62

MG Full Armor Gundam with the 2.0 frame ON HOLD
MG Rezel Commander Type $62 ON HOLD

Special Deal
MG Duel and Blitz Gundam $112 shipped!!!! ON HOLD


  1. I will gladly snag those Seed suits from you! Great, thank you!

  2. Send me an email at and we can work this out for sure! Thanks for the interest!

  3. I will take that ReZel and FA! I'll send you an email!