Monday, September 16, 2013

Dual RX-0 Unicorn Gundam Build

So while the putty work is drying on the RX-79(G) Winter Camo and the Zaku RD-4 I decided to break out the Full Armor Unicorn Gundams. This is one fun kit to build. Very intensive, fantastic detail. Took about 10 hours to build one.... But that wasn't enough for me. I built two of these bad boys. One will be the standard Unicorn while the other I will be modifying into a Full Armor Banshee. These kits were well done and a step up from the Ver. Ka. The articulation is still improved. The only downside was the V fin folds in half and there was not a solid open v-fin like the OVA version. I'll have to get ahold of some of those though. Here are some Wip pictures of the building Process.

And finally a nice little side by side. Again, this was a very fun build. I love it when they take more than an hour or so to build.

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