Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Prototype Zaku II RD-4

Here is an old project that has been in the works but I have not posted any Work In Progress pictures. I am working on this along with the RX-79(G). The project is inspired by the 08th MS team. No surprise really, since I am obsessed with all of the 08th MS Team Kits. This kit is seen in the first 2 episodes. The MS-06 Zaku II Rd-4 Model is a mix between the Zaku and Dom. This was a prototype suit piloted by Aina. Shiro was able to destroy it with a RB-79(K) Ball. But none the less this suit was pretty awesome looking.
Here are the first few Work In Progress pictures.
I was able to remove and modify the torso and modify it in a way to accept the Dom's waist. I put on the legs and decided to have the Zaku strike a pose.

First of was changing the arm a bit. Since the Arm is exposed instead of under the shield I wanted to cover up the open area of the arm. I was able to do so without giving up to much articulation.

Here is the Chest armor as well, i've added a small little hole in the chest, this seems to be something that was on the suit on the show. Not sure of its purpose but I want it to be as close to the suit on the show as possible.

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