Monday, September 16, 2013

Steps to completing a Model Kit.

When building your kit there are steps that the should be taken in order to get the best result from painting your kit. This does not account for prep work such as sanding, and putty work.
1st step: Bare Plastic (Original Kit Color) 2nd Step: Primer (Mr Surfacer) 3rd Step: Base Coat (Pre-Shading, Darker Tone) 4th Step: Final Coat (Pre-Shading, Lighter Tone) 5th Step: Gloss Clear Coat (Mr Super Clear Gloss) 6th Step: Decal Application + Decal Setter Softer 7th Step: Gloss Clear Coat to Seal Decal (Lacquer or Acrylic) 8th Step: Panel Line Wash (Must be different paint type than Previous Layer) Optional: Filter or Fade (Same type of paints as panel line paint) 9th Step: Final Clear Coat (Gloss, Flat, Semi Gloss, ETC) Optional: Pastel Weathering (Previous Layer must be flat Coat) 10th Step: Final Clear Coat (Gloss, Flat, Semi Gloss, ETC) to seal in Pastels As time goes on, I will take pictures for each of these steps and add them so you can see how each step looks.

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