Tuesday, September 10, 2013

RX-79(G) Long Range Communications

Here is another RX-79(G). This time I decided to go with a very simple Paint Scheme. These are the standard colors for the RX-79(G) except for the extra ammo on the hips. This was a lot of fun to paint. This was also the first time that I have painted the RX-79(G) in standard colors as well. Although to spice things up a little I have added a long range communications pack to the head. This is an Idea I got from the original HG Ground Gundam Vs Zaku set. It was a lot of fun to modify and I have will be using the idea in further kits. If your interested in getting your own Ground Gundam click the link here: http://scalemodelhobbies.com/mg-rx-79-g-gundam-ground-type

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