Thursday, March 3, 2011

Got some more work done on the RX-79

So i did a bit of work last night. :) the RX-79 and Gm-79 will be used in this dio. its going to be a simple one. nothing to much. but i'm excited!  =X

here is a teaser for whats in store. :)  It should be here tonight :)

so not much work being done to it.. i'm waiting for the gattling before i get to far into it. but i'm doing some LED work.

i like how it turned out.. but it was a little low.. only problem i'm having is i keep frying LED's... idk what i'm doing wrong but i've gone through 3 so far. I'm thinking I may just put it on another suit instead. because its starting to look to busy. or atleast it will for what i have planned.


  1. Good work~
    Nice to see fellow gunpla builder with blog.
    Come check out mine sometimes at

    I would love to share tips and techniques~


  2. For sure that would be awesome. The work you did on your Sinanju was amazing! I am very impressed with your work.