Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Have the armor all painted up!

Here is what i've done so far when it comes to painting. The grey is a Sky Grey from Tamiya and the Green was an olive drab color. I've really liking how the colors have come out and am very pleased with the progress that i've been able to make with the project.

The Rx-79 G all by its lonesome! :)


  1. Excellent work so far bro, As a admin from MAC FORUMS, I would like to invite you to our family
    which is also the home of some great Modeller's
    such as DC23,MAT'X,KAMM,..ECT.
    Your work will be greatly appreciated there.


  2. Hey thanks! Its great that someone finally found my blog! and thanks for the compliments. I've been poking around the MAC forum but never joined. I've also seen a lot of work from DC23, MAT'X and KAMM from other sites!

  3. make sure to post a link to your blog at mac
    so others can find it, i also added you to my blogroll

  4. Thanks for the Advice! :) I just added it to my signature! oh and i am following your blog now :)