Monday, March 7, 2011

HUGE Update on the RX-79(g) and GMCannon

Yeah weather has not been my friend...  But i did get a lot of work done this weekend.

While waiting for the inner frame to dry worked on the GMCannon

The cannons are of the Strike IWSP.. so i'm thinking they look to long and to futuristic.. but hey.. thats just me.. what do you all think? i need advice on this one!!

I'll have to thank Vegeta8259 for the idea.. I liked the paint scheme he used but i'll slowly make these mine as time goes on. :)

whoot! almost done with torsos!

So i'm starting on the main parts of the body now. i found a sky grey that looks really good and i'm very happy with the color of it. Here are a few update images.

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